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Cantante:  Radiate Worship
Written By Rob Ricotta , Martin Ivar Risøy Kristoffersen Martin Hagen
Release Date April 21, 2016

Breathing out, letting go
All my fears, at the cross
Safe in Your arms

Breathing out, stressing down
Worries fade as You come
In rythms of grace

Verse 2
Standing here with you close
Thankful for who You are
Your grace goes above and beyond

As Your love grasps my heart
You’re igniting a fire
I’m changed by Your love

Fill me up
I’m breathing in Your love
Unfailing fathers love

Thank You for
The hope I have in You
Forever close to You, oh God

Spoken Word
When I formed you from the dust of the earth
I breathed into your nostriles the breath of life
And you became a living soul
By my word the heavens were made
All the host of them by the breath of my mouth
And in my hand I hold the soul of every living thing
The breath of all mankind
Every breath in you is meant for praise to Him, who gave you the breath of life
Remember, never forget, that the very breath of the Allmighty
Is in you
When you are drowning in the pain of this world as waves of worry overtake you
And you struggle to come up for breath
I reach out for you a rescue, the hope for breath again
Let not the grave accept you, until you have spent every breath for my kingdom come
Daily inhale faith and exhale the worries of this earth
And surely I am with you always
As you breathed in your first breath
And as you take your last into eternity

Breathing in your love for me
Remove the veil, so I can see
All the good you have for me
You are here, You are here

Caratterizzato:Rob Ricotta
Prodotto:Radiate Worship , Tore Kulleseid
Scarica i formati: AAC, MP3, ASF, AC3,, CDDA
8.2/10 (Voti: 212)
Parola chiave: Pop 


Descrizione: -
Featuring Rob Ricotta
Producers Radiate Worship
Writers Lise Sæle Kongsvik
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Data Uscita: February 12, 2016
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