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Wanna Be

Wanna Be

Cantante:  Caleborate

I swear these niggas don't want shit with me

I pull more strings
Than a symphony

Must be kin
To uncle ben
Cuz I heat up instantly

In this world
Tryna find myself
And tryna make it

I hope my momma understand these chances that I'm taking

When it's in your blood
You can't choose not to chase it
Friends mad
Cuz they don't understand that
Plus all these Spotify streams
Don't always equal mad cash


I got this lil dollar
And this dream
I droppped outta school and
And put lil Weezy on repeat
See I'm gon fuck this world
I hope she ready for me
Mentality I need
To face the shit I'm going thru

You hating on me
Now you ignoring you

Cuz we just want our own little slice of the good life
Because it's unfamiliar you infatuated with hood life

I guess that's what these beats are for
So fuck it we gon take advantage


While they askin

Hey my nigga
What you wanna be

A ball player
Or a star on tv
I say
Anything but broke is coo
If you ask me x2


Pocket full of reasons I can't be there for my teachers

Please don't tell my momma I been skipping this week

I been treating Monday thru Friday like it was the weekend

And spending my weekends hanging with friends and barely thinking

Cuz I been all alone so long
So long

Back when mom and dad split apart like wish bone
Riding highway 5 to see my mommy on a Fridays
I learned how to cope by talking to myself in driveways
So now I understand why I'm so misunderstood

They was tryna be hard
I was tryna think good

Happy thoughts happy thoughts
Is what I told myself
All the way through adolescence
Now I'm grown as fuck
And find myself asking more questions


Do the girl I love
Really love me?

Do the niggas that big me up
Wish they was me?

If I get rich as fuck
And pick me and my niggas up
Will they still work the same
As they did when nobody bumped me?

And lately happiness has been just like some bleachers closing

Cuz it go up and up and up
Till I can't reach or hold it

But my spirit stay stronger than
Niggas lifting boulders
Lord take some stress off of my shoulders
While they ask me


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Parola chiave: Rap 
Real Person

Real Person

Descrizione: -
Featuring 1-O.A.K.
Producers Adrian Per
Writers Caleborate
Additional Keys Ian McKee
Vocals Alexis Angulo
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Data Uscita: October 6, 2017
20 11 2019

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