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I Didn’t understand

I Didn’t understand

Cantante:  Amber Rubarth
Release Date April 15, 2016

Verse 1
Fortune looking for the next to next in line to love
Can’t ignore put out and put away
So you’ll soon believe in me
Alone like I'm suppose to be tonight
Tomorrow and everyday
There’s nothing here that you’ll miss
I can guarantee you this
Is a cloud of smoke trying to occupy space
What a fucking joke
What a fucking joke

Verse 2
Waited for a bus to separate the both of us
Take me off, far away from you
My feelings never changed a bit
I always feel like shit
Don’t know why I guess that I just do
You once talked to me about love
You painted pictures of a never ever land
I could have gone to that place
But I didn’t understand
I didn’t understand
I didn’t understand

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8/10 (Voti: 2503)
Parola chiave: Pop  Non music  Folk 
Scribbled Folk Symphonies

Scribbled Folk Symphonies

Descrizione: -
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Data Uscita: 2016
19 10 2019

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