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The Worst (Remix)

The Worst (Remix)

Cantante:  Clariyah

Sample: Jhene Aiko – The Worst


Hey B, Why you acting like a stranger?
I remember when I used to be your favorite
We used to talk for hours, up at the latest
It's funny how things changed, I know I hate it
But I guess we can't escape it, that's life and we both gotta face it
Alright, well I'll smile just to fake it but tonight
Imma tell you how you made me
See I can't ever move on
Cause when I'm with him I think of you, it feels wrong
I never been the type to sing these stupid love songs
But now ever song that come on, I sing along
Cause I'm angry and I'm hurt
See I thought you were the best but you got me feeling worse
I feel it in my chest when I'm tryna find the words
I'm looking at the rest but I always put you first
And that's the shit that make me mad
Cause it's given you the nerve
To think you better, running with them bitches
Saying that you fed up

Forgetting all those times you were down
I kept your head up
Forgetting about the lives that we always said we'd set up
But I'm straight, you know
I got plenty boys hittin my line
And when you ask me how I'm doing Ima always say fine
Cause I'ma G you know
I'll keep a straight face
Why give you the satisfaction?
Put you back in your place
But I hate you, I hate you, I hate you so much
Like when I think about you I feel sick in my gut
You pushed me to the point where I will never know love
Cause every boy I meet now I know I will never trust

I wish I never gave a fuck
I wish I never let you in
Cause now I hate the way I think
I shoulda kept you as a friend
But meanwhile, all your homies tryna know me
See you thinking you were good cause you broke me
Now you tryna claim dibs like you own me
Tryna meet, tryna text, tryna phone me
What's wrong? Oh now you feeling lonely
I brushed you off and now you tryna hold me
But Imma tell you exactly what I know B
Karma's a bitch, I guess you should've loved the old me...

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17 11 2019

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