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In I Go

In I Go

Cantante:  RohanHoussein

Verse 1
This what I roll down Coolwater with
White collared folks, blue collared whip
Until my momma had a new accident
I was planned but that truck hitting wasn't
I had a flash of her having a flash of her life
So I let go of that wheel, now I'm grabbing the mic
Claimed she loved me, she didn't for a week
Then she dumped me, so it's Kim on repeat
Cliches, spit it your way
Or play along with the man for the court case
My ready for war face
Headphones with the image I portray
Speed to school, boy as it rains drama
That's that mindset that almost took away momma
But now you're safe aren't ya?
Got that Bimmer since you had to trash away ya Honda
Spiritual epiphanies
You see what I meant, their lyrics are my enemy
At the same time a friend of me
Them bars free me when they sentence me

Hook x2: Zen
In I go, I get it (I get it!)
If you don't know, you'll regret (regret it!)
The same songs that used to open my eyes
Are the same songs I give credit (get it?)

Verse 2
My arms are loaded, made for our rescue
Say the culture justified it, God bless you
With the guns out, schemin' for bigger funds
Eatin' melons while I'm dreamin' of splittin' 'em
Fly honies under dry sunny beaches
Put us on the map, doin' crime with the meanest
But never crime under leaches
Cause snitches get… well, you know the rest
F school homie, we never wrote the test
Cuz if I'm gettin' Fs, then resort to spreadin' cess
Red and Meth taught me that's all school is 'bout
And if the teacher's frontin', pull the ruger out
Shoot 'em up, just shoot 'em up, what?
Kill kill kill, murder murder murder
That's my answer to the multiple choice
I got a sore throat, hear the gun in my voice?


Verse 3
In Grade 7, my one dimensional mind
Could never see through metaphors and the rhetoric rhymes
All I saw was guns, drugs, and sex in the lines
But now we're untucked from the bed we resided in
Whether you cried from sin or rested inside of it
We all einsteins questioning why within
You steppin' to a menace, I don't bust shells
But they flexin on they record, cause they must sell

We all guilty of it, can you feel your stomach?


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11 11 2019

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