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Fly Away

Fly Away

Cantante:  Daniel Elia

I just wanna fly away so high
Just so i can reach and touch the sky
I just wanna fly away so high
Just so i can reach and touch the sky

I just wannna reach and touch the sky just so I can ask god why
Cause lately I've been feeling so lost inside of this world I can't find

My way inside, this maze I'm lost in yeah
I can't seem to under-stand
This life I'm living oh lord
Could you just lend me a hand

I just know where you been?
When I've been going thru all this struggle damn
I'm just wondering if there's a second chance
The devil was around so I had to dance

I got questions I need answers for
I made mistake I haven't learn from
How it takes before I could become great
I'm just wondering god I need you can't wait

I need you can't wait 2x
Right now
I need you can't wait 2x
Right now


I've been asking for forgiveness lord
I've been looking for what's missing lord
I've been searching for the right path
I'm waiting for you to show me lord

Cause I'm caught in my emotions
I just find peace no I just wanna find me
No I just need to heal the streets lord
Cause too many niggas die

By suicide inflicted by depression
And these thoughts in my head had make the wrong decision
Induced by alcohol hopefully it numbs the pain from my brain as I try to maintain in this life

They made hard for a black man in this life
Living in the dark all I need is your light
For guidence so I can survive I need you can't wait


Caratterizzato:DJ Iced, Dilara
Prodotto:DJ Iced
Scarica i formati:ALAC, WMA, OGG, AC3
6.5/10 (Voti: 1927)
Parola chiave: Rap  Deep house  Electro house 


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20 11 2019

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