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My Flow

My Flow

Cantante:  Kyle Alston

If my life was a song
Who would play the keys?
My thoughts can just flow
Like the breeze
With the greatest ease
You know it chief
It's cool to know some
Poetry from Floetry
Hopin someone dope would
Take the time to even notice me
And help me get a shot where I'm supposed to be
Gotta get a spot where da focus be
I wonder why people wanna wear the holy rosary
Then pull some tom foolery
Jokin' on the circus freaks
Don't be the one judging me
Because I'm real don't ya know?
I'm not on the block
Pushin' weight, blowin' dro, or movin' the snow
Catch me at the right winter time
Just playin' with the snow
Get at me yo
I'm not dealing with fakers
Or wanna-be takers
Not chasin' the paper
I'm chasin' Christ bro
No matter what it seems
I feel bad for those
Stuck on chasin pipe dreams
Their vision is shotty
They need to get it right get it tight
Like a sure thing see
Not a probably
Oh I get it I'm sorry
Their lense is just foggy
But the problem always be
They're blinded by pride
And they're just too haughty
And they're too naughty
Dealin with da dope
That's not my flow Joe
But I could be a scratchy fiend for the hope
Been through a lot
Survivin' tough spots
Each time comin' out like pure gold
I win in Christ my dude don't ya know?
Best believe that's my flow
Didn't know?
Now ya know, now ya know
And now ya know

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19 10 2019

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