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Bite The Curb

Bite The Curb

Cantante:  Chewed Up

Chewed Up are a hardcore band proudly waving the flag of their local Boston hardcore scene. The lyrics are a parody of the way hardcore bands talk about staying true to your beliefs, staying true to your friends and also expressing all your angst through heavy music despite coming from privileged white backgrounds.

Biting the curb is an aggressive way of stomping on your enemies, an act of violence that contradicts the positive message of the song.

Alonge initially slated Chewed Up to be from Brooklyn, New York (reppin' NYHC) but after a discussion with fans on his Facebook page, decided to change their hometown to Boston. Some actual notable Boston hardcore acts include Death Before Dishonor, The F.U’s, and Have Heart.

Written By Jarrod Alonge
Release Date May 26, 2015

Verse 1
Get out of my face
I don’t think you know your place
Filling the streets with your shit
Down in the gutter, afraid to commit
To the truth I give my life
I keep the faith even through the strife
Boston Hardcore born and raised
I will never stand by a fake

Verse 2
You're in my way, I'll knock you down
My enemies are all around
You talking smack, you watch your back
I chew you up, I spit you out
I have friends that are stronger than you’ll ever be
You’re nothing but a sell out punk who never stood for anything
I never want to live like you, you make me sick
I’d rather be let up than be a let up


Verse 3
Life wasn’t easy growing up in the suburbs
People called me stupid names, that really hurts
I don’t care if I went to private school
I’ll smash your face in, don’t be so cruel
I will stand here right by my friends
I stand for purity, honesty, respect
Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness
Gentleness, and self-control


Verse 4
I go to church every damn day
Get off my back or there’s hell to pay
I will not hesitate to call the cops
My dad's a lawyer, you better stop

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Parola chiave: Rock  Post hardcore  Metalcore 
Beating A Dead Horse

Beating A Dead Horse


Most known for his comedy Youtube channel, parodying stereotypes found in the punk/alternative scene, Jarrod Alonge created this collection of parody songs with the help of an Indiegogo campaign in 2014. Best described as a Gen Y Weird Al for Warped Tour kids, Alonge parodies pop punk, metalcore, hardcore, emo and other -core artists with a self-aware wit and genuine love of the genres.

This song is so stupid – Jarrod Alonge

Primary Artists Amidst The Grave's Demons
Featuring Chris Linck
Producers Drewsif Stalin
Writers Jarrod Alonge
Mastered by Sam Pura
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Data Uscita: 2015
20 11 2019

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