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Never Get Enough of You

Never Get Enough of You

Cantante:  Glenn Medeiros
Written By Kevin Wells Andre Pessis

Never had enough of a good thing

Always watching love fade away

I found something that only gets better

I found someone that's here to stay. Ya!

No matter where you are

You are always in my heart

I never get enough of you

Acause every day goes by

I want you even more

I never get enough of you

No matter what you say, no matter what you do

I never get enough of you

I don't have to search for perfection

Just your tender touch is all I need, ah-hh

You got something

I can believe in

You make magic so real


We are on the road baby

No end in sight

I found what I've been looking for

All my life

I'll never get enough of you

I'll never get enough of you


I don't want no other

I never get enough of you

I don't need no other

I never get enough of you...

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Parola chiave: Pop 
Not Me

Not Me

Descrizione: -
Mixing Mick Guzauski
Assistant mixing Wade Jaynes
Strings Recorded By Dennis Mackay
Recorded By Frank Wolf
Photography Paul Cox
Recording Engineer Miles Christianson
Assistant Engineer Steve Satkowski
Additional Engineer Rhett Lawrence
Engineer Phil Magnotti
Design Abrahams Pants
String Conductor Jeremy Lubbock
Strings Arranged By Jeremy Lubbock
Executive Producer Leonard Silver
Distributed By Amherst Records
Record Label Amherst Records
Featuring Elsa Lunghini
Producers Michael Masser
Writers Andre Pessis
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Data Uscita: 1988
21 11 2019

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