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Through the Devil's Flesh

Through the Devil's Flesh

Cantante:  Nocturnal Graves

The world is burning behind you
And blood stained ash remains
Rise above the flames
The path beyond you walk
Found within a void of darkness
Adverse son, your might behold
And to your destructive Will, men shall bow
And still you remains the creator
Through blood and fire reborn
On wings of damnation your spirit soars
By the light of Lucifer, wage war upon mankind
The source of burning existence, forever adverse
Tear out the heart of redemption
Slash the throat of the world
And still you remain the destroyer
Through blood and fire reborn
And so you walk among them
Illuminated by the Will of Cain
With liberation
Communion through the Devil's flesh
Take the path of the servant or sinner
At the throes of death
The world is burning before you
Who shall ascend the flames?
To the death!

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...From the Bloodline of Cain

...From the Bloodline of Cain

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Elenco delle canzoni:
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Data Uscita: 2013
21 11 2019

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