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The Descent of Man

The Descent of Man

Cantante:  Conditions

I admit the rotting state of chivalry
And I am well aware that vermin will infest my city streets, yeah
But I never thought that I'd find you
Walking with the worst of them, ignoring what you knew
Didn't it cross your mind
I didn't have to hear it
You were looking, you were thinking
"Why not, she's worth it"
Couldn't wait to find her drinking
My god, you're worthless
I thought I knew you and I thought I could believe the words you say
You took advantage anyway
I understand the trying times
And I believe that every criminal should pay for all their crime
But I never thought I'd find a friend
In such blatant disregard for how it all would end
Now you've crossed the line
Don't fuck with my life
You keep alluding to the truth you'll never say
With every word you'll blow yourself away
I'm at a loss, just who the hell do you think you are
You took advantage anyway

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Full Of War

Full Of War

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Data Uscita: 2013
12 11 2019

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