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Cheers to Mistakes - DJ JD

Cheers to Mistakes - DJ JD

Cantante:  Los (Cherfin Music)

Parents say I need to find a job, see Jeff
This music thing son it's just a hobby, but
I just wanna kick it like karate
Make some music maybe hang out with some hotties
Just following my dream they call it kinda lazy
Yeah I may not ever be a Kanye or JayZ
But I'm doin what I love so can you really blame me
For not doin what you want I've dont that since a baby
And I don't need a lot nothin too too gaudy
No boo koo money and a few Bugattis
I'd be just fine with two Maseratis
One for back up in-case I crash a party, ahahhh
Not really though, I just wanna make a record do a couple shows
Make enough to get myself a sick studio
Make hits and even shoot a music video
Then one day make it, on the top
Sell a million records when my album drops
Yeah it'd be nice and maybe one day could be
For now I'll be fine without the cars and groupies

And I'm, back at it just skipped the chorus
So high now I don't know where the floor is
Comin back down is kinda soundin borin
So I think I'll stay here and just keep on soarin
Parents try and tell that my life's a shit show
See me on this fast track, but I'm a bit slow
Drink up all their booze and sleep till noon they pissed yo
Make a few beats and then it's time to drink mo (more)
So poor some shots and let's 'cheers to mistakes'
Bein young and reckless in love and heartbreaks
No regrets, and livin in the moment
Step up to the plate go hard and just own it!

Big up to all the generation Y kids
Millennials stompin 'round in their fly kicks
Lost in space you can call this shit star-ship
Yeah we young dealin with our own hardship
Ohhhh, I wanna stay young forever more
Ohhhh, havin fun like I did before
I started growin stresses showing
Now I just wanna go out
Pressures soarin jobs seem borin so I make music now
Raise your glass if you feel me now
Pressures of the world trying to keep you down
Do what you do no justifiable reason
Spring forward fall back just like the seasons

Yeah I'm young and I got a degree
BS from a nice university
Stands for bull shit if your askin me
Just playin just blame it on our economy
I just wanna make music now
Make a few bucks help my family out
Conventional jobs seem to drag me down
Leopard to the corporations they can cast me out

Prodotto:DJ JD (Jeff Platt)
Scarica i formati:APE, WMA, ASF, MMF, ADX, CDDA
8.7/10 (Voti: 190)
Parola chiave: Rap 


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19 10 2019

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