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I Think That He Likes Me

I Think That He Likes Me

Cantante:  Kerry Butler

Am I totally crazy?
He was totally strange
Did I miss something maybe?
Did he suddenly change?

We were just hanging out, right?
We were two best friends on a Saturday night
Nothing unusual, but I swear
Somehow something different was in the air

His hand brushed my cheek
He struggled to speak
Almost like he likes me

He looked at me weird
His smirk disappeared
Like someone who likes me

The way that his blue green eyes met mine
Sent shivers all up and down my spine
And something just clicked:
I think that he likes me

We went for a walk
Too nervous to talk
So maybe he likes me

He stares at his feet
So awkward, but sweet

I'm thinking he likes me

Could this be a long denied desire?
My head is a blur, my heart's on fire
But one thing is clear:
I think that he likes me

And I wonder just what was on his mind
Did he sense something new? Did he suddenly find
A world kinda lighter and brighter somehow?
Was he searching for signs that he missed before?
Imagining things that he couldn't ignore?
Was he feeling this feeling that I'm feeling now?

We got to my place
I looked at his face
And saw that he likes me

We said our goodbyes
He avoided my eyes
Can't admit that he likes me

He turns and I watch him walk away
While secretly wishing that he'd stay

And hold me real close
Impossibly tight
And there in his arms I'll be all night
We finally kiss
So long overdue
And I know that he likes me

I think I like him too

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20 11 2019

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