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Angel of death

Angel of death

Cantante:  Infamous Crew

Verse 1: cricket Novatore

It's the abyss, souls get sold for poker chips, like bloods and crips our clique is holding clips for the apocalypse, im positive..the end of days is gonna get you frightened, your tongue dries out from the useless prayers you still reciting, fires ignited, angel of death i'm here to kick it off, rip it off, sever the head of the state and serve it to every servant, slave, and pissed off man who deserve it or burn it .. everyones a piece of shit thats my verdict

Assassinations, beheadings, and violent executions
The angel of death - accept no substitution
Our wrath is retribution, fuck the laws and constitution
Assess the situation, and then I cause contusions

Verse 2: TWC

Since i was 16 they would call me the reaper, cuz i crept thru the night strapped up with the heater, and as i grew older thats when the shit got deeper, cuz i stopped fuckin banging but never gave up the nina, and now im selling record tryna ball like the 6ers, rollin up the vegas never fuckin swishes, and than i pop some x and turn up with yo sitser, y'all fuckin with best, don't you get the picture, you can get it next slugs burnin like a cigar, so try and press yo luck lil did you know ima hitter, so now you know whats up, don't make me squeeze the trigger, split you wide open and use yo blood to paint a picture

Verse 3: Puck

Violent, indifferent, ridiculous
A freak on fukt up cartoons n dat kush, waxing eloquent on my insolence, so diligently addicted to marrow bitter, liver liquered militant scumfucks wit dey grinding teeth

Means they munch dat pussy, go like Kreuger on Woodsys
We up in our hoodies, rockin our finest goodies as we pop out
Put yr heads on pikes, got these fat ass spikes on my fingers
N dey'll linger, til yu choked out


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Featuring Goretex
Elenco delle canzoni:
Angel of death
Retribution (ft Gore Elohim) (Ft. Goretex)
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9 12 2019

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