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Life Is for Learning

Life Is for Learning

Cantante:  Marvin Gaye

Marvin Gaye struggled with and was inspired by his dichotomous devotion to God and his fascination with “evil” songs of sex and corruption. In “Life is for Learning”, he takes on a Christ-like role for his listeners, preaching that songs are either good or bad, right or wrong, absolving them of their sins through his spiritual/musical sacrifice.

As reflected in the album cover and the songs' lyrical content, this idea of black and white morality was especially prominent in his thoughts at this stage of his career.

Later, Marvin would make more blatantly sexual songs such as “Sexual Healing” and its sequel that would remain shelved until his death, “Sanctified Lady”. While these songs still tie in spiritual yearnings and pleas for healing that Marvin never got himself, they do put in perspective how self-aware he was of these two internally warring sides.

Written By Marvin Gaye
Release Date January 15, 1981
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Oh, oh my darling
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah

The artist pays the price
So you won't have to pay
If only we would listen
To what they have to say

There are songs from wisdom
There are songs from satan
There are songs from lovin'
And there are songs from hatin'

There are songs from lust
And there are songs from pain
Some songs were done by chosen men
Some from men, insane

Groove, baby, groove on the light, one time
Groove, baby, on the right
Dance, baby, to the light this time
Dance sugar, on the right side

Groove, baby, groove on the light this time
Groove, baby, on the right side
Dance, baby, to the light, lookin' good
Dance, baby, to the light

Some songs will show which way to go
If only you would listen
Bad songs that turn you on
Show you how much is missing

Songs we're meant to listen to
You're checkin' out the best
Good songs were sent to men from God
Help us pass the test

Life is for learning
And the purpose is joinin' up
With the love of thousand bodies needed
But your soul is never destroyed

Your love, darling, this is all we desire
And all they want is a little understanding, yeah
Sometimes a song can prophesize a warning from the Master
To make your soul listen to, make your learnin' faster

The Devil have his special plan
To make hot songs for sinners
Thank God we'll turn it around
And make good songs for winners

Ay, did you know
Some songs can corrupt your flesh to dust
The only song you should live
Are songs that you can trust
The artist pays the price

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In Our Lifetime

In Our Lifetime


One of Marvin Gaye’s most overlooked and underrated concept albums, In Our Lifetime?, as it was originally titled, was another example of the legendary soul singer’s insightful social commentary and skill as a composer. In Our Lifetime is one of two albums, along with Trouble Man entirely composed by Marvin Gaye alone.

Janis Hunter and impending nuclear war were on Marvin’s mind when he crafted the record which are topics reflected in the imagery of the promiscuous woman drifting in and out of his periphery throughout the album as well as the urgent need to have a “Love Party” and dance before mankind’s time drew to a close in nuclear holocaust.

The album, however, did not sell well when it was released in 1981 and, worse, it severed Marvin’s relationship with Motown as it was rushed before he had deemed it complete.

The relationship with Motown was irreparably ruptured when they released his album In Our Lifetime without his consent. They had made certain changes in the mix that infuriated him. Marvin believed that a couple of his musicians snuck the master tapes out of London and brought them to Los Angeles. It hardly mattered. The record was shipped to stores throughout the world, and Gaye vowed never to work with Motown again.He made good on his promise, and though he renounced the record, it remains a glowing tribute to the vitality of his musical and spiritual soul. His life in London grew wild and untamed—he was to repeat his flirtation with death—but his art grew stronger, defying even his own instincts toward disintegration and despair. – David Ritz, Divided Soul

In Our Lifetime? was re-issued in 2007 with previously unreleased tracks and alternate versions of the entire album recorded in London’s Air and Odyssey Studio.

Label Motown Records
Producers Marvin Gaye
Writers Marvin Gaye
Bass Frank Blair
Guitar Gordon Banks
Elenco delle canzoni:
Life Is for Learning
Love Party
Funk Me
Far Cry
Love Me Now or Love Me Later
Heavy Love Affair
In Our Lifetime
Data Uscita: January 15, 1981
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