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Cantante:  The Weakerthans

“(Past-Due)” is the last of the three interludes on Reconstruction Site. “(Manifest)”, “(Hospital Vespers)”, and this track are all sonnets, written in fourteen lines of iambic pentameter.

Written By John K. Samson
Release Date August 26, 2003

February always finds you folding
Local papers open to the faces
”Passed away” to wonder what they're holding
In those hands, ​we're never shown the places

Formal photographs refuse to mention
His tiny feet, that birthmark on her knee
The tyranny of framing our attention
With all the eyes their eyes no longer see

And darkness comes too early, you won’t find
The many things you owe these latest dead
A borrowed book, that cheque you didn't sign
The tools to be bereaved with, be beloved

Give what you can: to keep, to comfort this
Plain fear you can't extinguish or dismiss

Prodotto:Ian Blurton
Scarica i formati: ASF, APE, AAC, WMA, DTS, MMF, CDDA
7.9/10 (Voti: 2454)
Parola chiave: Pop 
Reconstruction Site

Reconstruction Site

Descrizione: -
Producers Ian Blurton
Writers John K. Samson
Trumpet Rusty Matys
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Data Uscita: August 26, 2003
17 11 2019

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