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Cantante:  Kaldur'el

"we smoke ..."
up north
so west
smoke trees
no stress

once upon a time I was straight edge, past tense
life laughed and said it don't make sense, pass then
so that incense fillin' up the room now
our lungs dispensin' all that kush cloud
neurotic mixed nigga, tend to astonish hoes
they think i'm exotic tho, beggin' for erotic poems, melodic tones
cuz they heard el got quixotic flows to demolish foes
yeah I used to body those, regressed to a fuckin' despotic tho
these narcotics had me on my stomach tryin not to vomit
built like pagan adonis mind infected by satan, demonic
our generation hedonic, ionically charged flesh till we are charred flesh
I just hit the chronic, that's what these bars meant, heh
couldn't dunk so I get high
my niggas drunk just to get by
couldn't dunk so I get high
my niggas drunk just to get by

cuz we don't give a damn bout nothin'
we just out here tryna function
cuz we hella faded
yeah we elevated

we elevated
(up north but i'm so west, smoke trees my nigga no stress)

watched a snake decapitated ... left headless
the rest of its body curled up to form a fresh necklace
but what's crazy is the head started movin' and -
bit its own tail so finally its life would truly end
a crazy hooligan unruly blend, el's off again
what's he messin wit, my point tessellates once y'all comprehend
ouroboros - our time is borrowed that's that circle of life
gotta give it back once we fade to black tho not all serpents alike;
an urchin dragon the urge to stab 'em wit the lurkin' dagger
merkin' krakens and servin' brackens till we curve and stagger
had to slacken the pace so we don't fall flat on our face
a gascon from space, whose soul has been blacken, defaced
how disaster can taste
awaits those led by a string
the jon snow of the rap game
bastard that's meant to be king
2x ^

like the black clad member of the lin kuei, we
smoke a 100 grams between us each day, see
roamed the streets of the east bay, the cliché is
chrome to your dome with no delay, leave you decayin
don't condone niggas betrayin',
quick to cut 'em off like a fillet and … let 'em rot
I just cannot, let go of grudges like I just forgot, fuck a cop
a polyglot, quick to tear up an ocelot, she's sceamin “thats the spot,
don't you stop”, i'm in the box yet they still describe me as unorthodox
outside of the box is still a box and I ain't down to be pigeon holed
walking paradox without a pair of glocks, but you still rethinkin your religion tho
cuz these niggas round me you can't control, some of my niggas won't get parole
the devil stay choppin' on my aureole, won't stop till he finally steal my soul, damn
the world's so cold, what if my efforts are feeble
our weapons are lethal but we pretend like we're ethel
just hit a bowl, let us all get eagle
embrace this form of inveigle and elevate our cerebral

lets get elevated
we elevate
west side elevated
north side elevate
south side elevated
east side elevate
kaldur elevated
kaldur elevate
kaldur ... ELevated

up north but i'm so west
smoke trees my nigga no stress
wingardium, that's progress
on these tracks my life I profess
fuck the crew you with and fuck the set you reppin
talkin shit get the iron fist, my niggas pack the tech in
the new doom nigga, all caps
yo girl called I ain't even call back
bumpin' e40 , whole team medicated
oakland to 613, let's get elevated

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